When the belt is too tight

Squeeze in, Squeeze in, a gym instructor is heard screaming from far. Ouch! I can’t take it anymore, Jeremy! I’m losing it. What in is in? Maybe you are going through such a squeeze in life. Probably the life belt is too tight.

How tight is your life belt?

Let’s flip the coin and pretend you are the mother squeezing in for the perfect natural tummy tuck.

Yes, it would be best if you squeezed the organs by gulping in loads of air in your nostrils. It is not a walk in the park. If you don’t work harder, then achieving your goal is near to impossible. It requires efforts, consistency, and sacrifice.

Is your belt too tight? Well, whatever, it is not a time to sink in thoughts. Do not allow the uninvited visitor to unwanted thoughts in your brain. Yes, the belt is too tight. The squeeze is miserable. News is all over that your organization is laying off.

You are probably receiving a visitor in the subconscious that creates the assurance of opportunities lost. It is not time to give airtime to the wonders of the supernatural. Relax, tighten in the belt. Keep doing what you have to do. Maintain the ride.

Steps to loosen your belt

  • First, relax and calm down. I know it is hectic, and you are stressing. Have you counted on your blessings? What is that you have achieved this year. Your health? Family?
  • Second, shake it off. Admit the loss, and take a step forward. Yes, the job was lost. Probably it was your loved one. It is now time to heal. Remember, we’re all in this transition journey. Today you lose, and tomorrow it’s again. Don’t linger. It is time to face the newly defeated self and acknowledge what else is possible.
  • There is another possibility of facing you. Have you called your friend to enquire about a new position in their office, neighborhood?  There is something you can do. I feel it. Don’t settle for less because you are troubled. Strive to achieve better. You have done this before.
  • Finally, do the new thing as the beginning of a new chapter. Remember, the pandemic has disrupted all businesses and organizations. It’s time to rethink your strategy. Change that model and brainstorm the ideas.

What if nothing is working out?

It seems you have tried all the above processes, and nothing is working out. Maybe you’re now confused than ever, and some negative energy is taking over. 

  • Be patient and think three months ahead. The results or impact may delay, but the process is orbiting to greatness.
  •  Graph the obstacles to become your opportunities. Learn, improve, and grow stronger.
  • Appreciate other people’s failure and use their strategies to retrace the path.  Remember, technology icon Bill Gates journey picked after eight years of consistent failure. More than 1000 people rejected Colonel Sanders‘ fried chicken recipe before becoming the gear for Kentucky Fried Chicken.  Who could have imagined a fried chicken recipe can change a person’s life?
  • Again, persistent. Try until it succeeds.

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