What is my Passion in Life



Jane sat near her bedroom window, facing the ocean as the cool, refreshing breeze brisked inexplicable tears. Filled with agony and despair and heavy sobs tearing through her throat, Jane busted loud with a voice of affirmation. It is time to start over! Yeah, maybe you lost your job during this pandemic period, or perhaps you invested in a sinking business. Let us face it. What’s drives you. I mean, what are you passionate about? Similarly, what is your passion in life.



You’re probably sinking into to thoughts, wondering about your passion. Well, allow me to give you several leads. Anthony J.D’Angelo reckons.”Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.”Deepak Chopra says, “If you feel like there’s something out there that you’re supposed to be doing if you have a passion for it, then stop wishing and just do it.”



So, what is the Passion that Drives?



Yes, passion is stopping to wish and acting. Jane experienced an intense awakening towards her love. Subsequently,her thought sank as senses reminiscent of the unending desire to become the fashion designer. One thing led to another, and slowly she becomes a small, scaled established designer.



Maybe you are better than Jane. I mean, Jane was without the capital to set up the fashion business. However, you know how competitive it can get, huh! The challenge is yours. Face the reality of that idea. What is that desire which lingers in the subconscious?Become a pioneer. Don’t copy past ideas. You are born to shine, and your ideas are viable.



It is good to emulate what others are doing, but do not copy-paste ideas. Instead, become the inventor, the challenger, and the actor. Remember, human beings are the co-creators with the maker. So apart from giving birth and taking care of the less fortunate, what co-creation have you birthed? Great things are born out of passion.



So, what can Passion Do?



Remember, the movie industry became a reality when Bhautic Joshi blended science and Art. Also, Dr Gavin Miller followed his passion, which later transitioned the world to machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data analytics. Do not start picking on gender. Look at Danielle Morimoto. She invented creative designs that the world applies to date. If you’re still confused about your passion, the steps below are meant to help you.



Steps to identifying with your passion



  1. Self-awareness



Prepare a soul searching moment. Look at the present, appreciate the past and plan for the future. Yes, take time and meditate. Subsequently, come in terms with what you are planning to achieve. Discover the pathway to success plus unleash the stumbling block. Write down all the ideas and, if possible, brainstorm with a mentor, guardian, or parent.



  • Pay attention



At this period, you are expected to pay attention to the finest ideas and details from the self-awareness process.  Let your brain wander and find focus. It would help if you unplugged from social media and any other distraction to gain an understanding of whom and what you are. Remember, it is a discovery process, and results are guaranteed.



  • What are your strengths and weaknesses



Enlist all the discoveries/ideas/passion. Write down the weaknesses and strengths of each. Consider the following factors to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each.



  • Workability- do you have the drive to offset and sustain the process.
  • Easiness of the process. Your passion must be easy to start and maintain
  • Accept failure



Next, admit your failure. What have you noticed from the process? Maybe you tried before and failed. It is time to rise again. Kick off the fear by identifying areas of the weakness and how to overcome. Similarly,do not shy away from confronting reality. You are on the way to establishing your passion. It is important to expose your passion for criticism after making a firm decision.



  • Celebrate success



At this stage, celebrate your success. Get up, pick your passion and run to your destiny. You are completely unstoppable. Hold your head high and let your passion reign. Work on it, progress, amend, constitute, manifest. Celebrate this moment. Appreciate your efforts to rediscovering self. Let the passion drive you to better heights. You are a winner. Subsequently, this will rise your drive to face all that comes your way. This is what drives you! 





  1. What an awesome article! I love your narration and how you create a great mental picture in the reader’s mind. Keep up.

  2. This post is compelling and spot-on. Finding your passion in life isn’t always easy; however, the answer lies within us. There may be moments of failure even when in pursuit of your passion, but keep in mind that success is a process. Never give up on what it is that you feel you are truly meant to do in this world. You, your life, and your passions are a gift.

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