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Toyota Camry for Sale in Kenya – Price, Reviews, Features, and More

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Talk of impressive rides, Toyota Camry, currently for sale in Kenya, has this wish fulfilled. 

The car has remarkable exterior and interior designs for cozy and comfortable rides.

Camry has advanced safety and security specifications that include:

  • Rear cross-traffic alert – Reversing technology that detects and alerts  about a wrong turn in the parking lot. 
  • Blind spot monitor- Illuminate light when the car is in a blind spot
  • Pre-collision systems – Enhancing brake functions by sensing nearby objects. 
  • High beam auto lane departure- Illuminate the lane and alert the driver when the vehicle is deviating. 
  •  Adaptive cruise control- Assist the driver to adjust the distance for safety in the road.

Interestingly, the 15.1 cubic feet cargo capacity and the maximum of five adults is the deal cracker.

Camry’s rear seats are adjustable and foldable to create that extra space for extreme needs.  

Hold on, as this article provides well-researched and curated in-depth Toyota Camry analysis, specifications, and reviews.

Key Benefits of Toyota Camry

  •  Increased sense of safety
  • Expanded cargo space
  • Fuel economy
  • Eco Friendly features
  • Automatic and easy to drive
  • Controlled steering and Handling
  • Climate control features
  • Fit for tall drivers
  • High-quality fixtures and materials
  • Comfortable and convenienceDemerits of Camry
  • Allow Slight noise
  • Bulky steering for the sport mode
  • A little more sensitive touch features

More About Toyota Camry

The hybrid Toyota Camry for sale in Kenya by owners maintains its incredible security and safety features.

Like climate control features, garage door openers, wireless charging systems, and sunroof.

  • Image Alt Tag: 2020 Toyota Camry 
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Keep in mind that Toyota Camry prices in Kenya are affordable and fair relative to current modifications such as 

split-folding rear- Helps in increasing space for cargo or passengers by folding back seats.

USB/iPod compatible stereo- No need for iphone cable. 

Even though the new Toyota Camry prices in Kenya are slightly high due to the V6 engine, they have expanded airbags and high-tech security details.

  • Image Alt Tag: 2018 Toyota Camry XSE model 
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Remember, Toyota upgraded according to  New Global Architecture (TNGA) which features a broader model 1.3 wider, which is 0.4 inches longer and 1.2 inches lower.

Further, the model has a controlled-arm rear suspension, a robust V-6 engine, 40% thermal efficiency, and a high compression ratio for security and performance.

Camry Car Price in Nairobi 

Before settling for a Toyota Camry at 300k in Kenya, whichever model, check out the following comparative pricing in Nairobi based year of manufacture. 

For more information about this pricing, visit and get a detailed picture of the models and the importation process.

  1. 2014 Model – 1.98 M
  2. 2015 Model-2.3M
  3. 2016 Model -2.4M
  4. 2017 Model-3.9M
  5. 2018 Model -4.2M
  6. 2019 Model-5.4 M
  7. 2020 Model- 6.8 M
  8. 2021 Model -7.2 M

Toyota Camry: Basic Specifications

  • Number of Seats: 5 seater
  •  Drive Type: Front-wheel drive, the hybrid is All-Wheel drive
  • Maximum Power:  203-206, the hybrid latest version V6 has a 301 horsepower
  •  Engine Capacity: 2487 cc- 2,500cc
  • Acceleration: 200 Kmph
  • Fuel Consumption: Average of 6.5L/100km
  • Tank Capacity: 50 Ltrs

Camry for Sale in Mombasa – Maximum Power

A car has many specifications, but maximum power comes in handy.  

It shows the engine capacity, and for many drivers, anything from 100- 200 is manageable.  

Toyota Camry for sale in Mombasa differs in horsepower depending on the manufactured date.  

Technically, Camry has a horsepower of 203-206, while the hybrid version with a V6 engine has 301 horsepower.

Camry for Sale in Nairobi Kenya – AWD/FF 

All-Wheel Drive (AWD), the engine powers all the rear and the front wheel concurrently.

While a Four-Wheel drive (FF), the car uses four wheels when in need of extra power for traction. 

Toyota Camry for sale in Nairobi uses a Four-Wheel Drive (FWD) apart from the 2020 and 2021 Hybrid models that use the All-Wheel Drive functionality.

Toyota Camry for Sale in Kenya – Fuel Consumption

Fuel efficiency for Toyota Camry for Sale in Kenya is rated  28/39 mpg for the normal and 51/53 for a hybrid. 

This level of consumption is efficient compared to the Toyota Corolla Hatchback and Toyota Corolla Hybrid.

 However, for the  2020/2021 hybrid model, consumption is significantly higher than the Toyota Avalon and Avalon hybrid. 

The Toyota Camry carries the trophy in fuel consumption in exchange for quality, comfort, and luxury.

Toyota Camry Review in Kenya – Engine Capacity

The 2020 and 2021 V6 engine has a capacity of 3.5L amounting to 301 horsepower. 

The older models run in a four-cylinder engine supporting about 203 horsepower and an engine capacity of 2.5 L similar to Toyota RAV4.

All these reviewed variances for the engine capacity make the  Toyota Camry in Kenya a better ride than Nissan Altima and Toyota Corolla.

Toyota Camry Interior Review 

  • Modern and Simplistic
  • Well curated hard plastics for cost-cutting
  • Soft-touch and luxurious leather upholstery
  • It is mounted with the latest technology and car features.
  • Comfortable egress and ingress.
  • The rear seat is comfortable and can accommodate more customers compared to Mazda 6
  • Comfortable frontal and rear seats
  • The car has High-quality Infotainment and features such as lumbar support, adjustable seat, steering wheel, cruise control, and air conditioning.

Toyota Camry Exterior Review

  • Auto levelling LED Headlamps capable of sensing dusk.
  • Front LED Fog Lamps
  • Camry has Hydrophilic side mirrors that are electric and adjustable for reverse memory, link, wide-view, and turn indicators very similar to Honda CR-V
  • The door and its handles have chrome treatment functionalities.
  • LED Brake Lights and Rear Combination Lamp.
  • Rear Fog Lamp

What Past Buyers are Saying

Find the below reviews from our past buyers.

Mary-So cool

Camry is the fastest-selling sedan mounted with the best and latest functionalities.

Peter- Luxurious 

I prefer comfy and stylish, and Camry is my ride. I love the driver-assistive features, and the 2021 function is adorable.

Anderson- Best  systems and fixtures

I love my Camry, especially the infotainment system and driver safety features.

Anabel- In love 

My Camry is a 2020 model and has got all that I need in one vehicle.

Common Questions We Get About the Camry

  • Is Nissan Dualis a good car? 

Nissan Dualis is a good car, and its unique features are very similar to the Toyota Camry sold in Olx Nairobi

They have equal engine position, cylinders location, and Camry is a little longer and wider. 

But about height, Nissan Dualis is higher with a larger front tire size. 

Nonetheless, unlike Camry,  Dualis is a bit pricey and does not compare to Camry in many other specifications. 

  • What is the Engine Capacity of Bluebird?

Like the older Camry models, the Bluebird model has a 4 cylinder engine but holds a lesser capacity of 1.6 litres. 

It has a  960kg kerb weight with a top speed of 103 mph.  The speed and engine functionalities are less compared to Camry.

  • What Car Has Lowest Fuel Consumption?

People look for the lowest fuel consumers but also efficiency and eco-friendliness.

 According to Environmental Protection Agency estimates, eco-friendliness is fuel consumed in every mile per gallon. 

The lower the consumption in miles per gallon equals efficiency.

  • Which Car is Best for Fuel Consumption?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Toyota Camry Hybrid model is among the best eco-friendly estimates.  

The model consumes 34 miles per gallon which are significantly friendly. 

The older Camry models use little fuel compared to many competitors.

  • How much should I pay for a 2020 Camry?

Buying a car requires more knowledge regarding the colour, transmission, fuel, type, model, and brand. 

In this case, a 2020 Toyota Camry is quite expensive because it is the latest model mounted with the best technological features and specifications.   

The CFI market value for the 2020 Camry is about Ksh. 3.2M. After going through the registration and the taxes, the car can cost up to Ksh. 7.5 M

  • How much does it cost to fill up a 2019 car?

Filling up a 2019 car like Toyota Starlet  equals engine capacity multiplied by the cost of fuel per litre. 

For example, the Camry tank capacity is 50 litres, and the fuel cost is Ksh. 97.85. 

So the total cost is Ksh. 4892.5

  • Why is Camry so expensive?

Camry is not expensive. The cost is relative to the value and quality of the vehicle.

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