There are cries in the North, and the South is wailing. A multitude is seeking refuge while thousands are contemplating suicide. The life of innocent toddlers is empting to the pit, and thousands of mothers are drowning to depression. Governments are sinking. Fathers are going bonkers.  The tranquility is destroyed, and the world is resting on shaking grounds.

The sudden wave is unlikely to settle after disabling the norm. But there is the beauty of these shaking grounds.  Indeed, beauty arises from the pain.  As women struggle to bring life, then the world must push to birth better times and seasons.

I mean, the grounds are unstable. Look at your disposable income. Ah, let not dismay spot your heart or spack confusion in the surrounding. Do not rejoice, oh inhabitants of the earth, because your planet is losing grip.

Sounds of waging worries are ascending from the South.  A collection of failing voices is approaching from the East.  The heart communicates better in the eyes as actions display wisdom.

So, where does the beauty lie? Within the abundance of the problems, expect new ideas. Humans are turning to new methodological mechanisms. The survival nature is preeminent.

Technically, the new decade is offsetting with uniqueness.  Yes, You cannot mix the old and the new wineskin. There must be a new fact the virus has brought to your recognition. Take it positively and use it until the season is over. Remember, there is no return. You must accept and start living the current as if the future.

Understand the times and the seasons. It is time to use the current occurrences to become a better person. Let wisdom guide you. Allow intuition to negotiate in your decision making. Do not tussle with the superiority of beings. It is time to recognize your source. Come back to the roots because your branches are dry and leaves are withering.

Draw closer to your origins and seek solace at the breastplate of peace.  Your forefathers negotiated the course and brought redemption. Awaken your weakening spirit and feed them with everlasting food. The beauty is about going back to the course.

With feeble legs a young deer seeks refuge as chicks hatch in the middle of thorns.  Do not wail South. Please stop crying you west.  Do you know that your murmurs are disturbing? I thought the strength of your weapons could shelter you. But, it is in vain without your owner.

Let’s reconcile to the creator. Yes, there is a creator. Superiority is evident. We were not Apes. I have not seen a human give birth to Apes and vice versa. The beauty of these sinking grounds is in reconciliation to the creator. 

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