Thinking Positively

Everything in our daily lives is about being positive. Well, we all concur with the gospel of positivity.

Remember, positivity is a substantial contributor to the success.  But before we get more in-depth, it is crucial to understand the meaning of positivity. 

In simple terms, positivity is the ability of an individual to reflect on the bright side of life. 

Well, we all know life is full of challenges. So the difference is the approach to challenges. Hence, the small approaches determine a positive thinker. 

However, positivity or positive thinking doesn’t mean that you completely ignore the challenges of life, no!  It is just a concept of finding ‘light at the end of every tunnel’ or seeing an opportunity in every shortcoming. 

In this article, I am going to discuss a few scenarios that show you how being positive works to your advantage and helps you achieve more than you anticipated. 

How amazing is the Power of Positive Thinking/Positivity 

To answer this question, I will give two scenarios where positivity actually changed the lives of two ordinary individuals. 

John’s Story

John was a graduate from a small town in Nigeria.  He had been looking for a job for a while with no success but he never gave up.  He took every rejection to be an encouragement to push harder and have hope for a great opportunity. 

So one day he made an online job application and was called for an interview.  Full of positivity and a smile on the face, John took off early in the morning, very well-groomed to attend the interview. 

On his way a car drove past him near a pot hole full of dirty water and splashed the water on him.  John was disappointed he run towards the car and stopped the driver.  

The driver lowered his window and apologized to John. Though John was angry with him, he was always positive and decided to forgive the driver.  John was really dirty and thought of going back home.  However, his positive mind overtook the negativity and he decided to go through with the interview. 

Upon arrival, he found no other candidates that had reported so he went straight to the interview room.  Surprisingly enough, the guy who had splashed water all over him happened to be the CEO of the company and the chair of the interviewing committee. The CEO was impressed by John’s reaction earlier and since his papers were good, John got the job without even completing the interview. 

Mike’s Story

The other scenario regards Mike, a graduate who had been looking for a stable job. He had not searched for a long time like John did.  One day he was called for an interview for a job he had applied earlier. 

Unlike John, Mike had a hot tempered individual and didn’t believe in positivity concept.  Any time that something didn’t go as planned, he would see it as a misfortune and would draw him into deep thoughts and this made him feel like a “loser” 

He was this guy who took challenges so deeply and would crush his spirit so easily.  

On the interview day, Mike woke up late than expected only to find that there was no electricity. However, he was able to prepare and head to the interview. On his way a driver drove past him at a high speed almost knocking him off the road.  Mike was furious and stopped the driver to yell at him.  Due to the pressure he had of waking up late, he insulted the driver.  

Upon reaching the interview room, Mike found that the guy he had insulted was actually the owner of the company.  Mike never got the job. 

What do we learn from the Scenarios!  How is Positivity Applicable 

From John’s story, we can see that positive thoughts leads to one being composed and reduces stress.  John was able to control his temper and this got him the job. 

However from Mike’s story, we can see that lack of positivity is related to lack of composure, which leads to lack of control. This is what led to Mike’s unfortunate shortcomings. 

But one may ask how comes the two scenarios are similar with different outcomes? 

Well the answer is simple, the two guys went through normal and natural happenings but how each one approached the challenge differentiates them. 

Positivity or positive thinking enables you to find joy and happiness in every situation.  This contributes positively to the achievement of one’s goals and dreams.  

Think of it this way; do you say that “the glass is half full or half empty? “

The perception you have is what determines how positive or negative you view life. 

Advantages of Positive Thinking 

Many researches have shown that a positive mind is a healthy mind.  Positive thinking helps you focus in life while avoiding stress and broadens your capabilities.

Here are key points to note on the power of positive thinking 

•           Helps one cope with hardships and gives one a strong mind to handle challenges. 

•           Avoiding depression. 

•           Enriches one’s resistance to minor disappointments in life, which makes it easier and fun. 

•           Positive thinking proves to better one’s psychology and physical wellness. 

•           Known to increase one’s life span and help reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. 

In Conclusion

Having discussed this, it’s clear that positivity is not just a powerful life tool but also a healthy routine. 

Be positive, think positive and see the positive side of every situation and this will surely change your life. 

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