Positive self-talk is paramount both mentally and career wise. 

But before we discuss how to practice positive thinking / positive self-talk, it’s wise we get to understand what self-talk is.  

In simple terms, self-talk is the act of having a conversation with yourself; either mentally or aloud.  Try to focus your mind and think about yourself, what have you done since you woke up?  How did u plan your day?  That dress or trousers you have on, how did you decide to wear it today??

I mean it’s amazing right?  How much you communicate with yourself, make decisions, plan your day, anticipate the future and even remember the past. All that is self-talk. 

Now we need to focus on how to concentrate on the positivity part of the self-talk with aim of achieving success in all our endeavors.  

Psychologists believe that an individual lives the words that he/she tell in their minds.  Simply put as, “you are whom you think you are”. 

The fact is,  self-talk is paramount since the messages you communicate with yourself determines whether you have the courage and energy to keep trying or just give up.  Similarly, the messages greatly affect your chances to succeed or fail in life.

Below I have discussed 10 well-researched tips that will help you find positive thoughts that help you succeed in life:

1.         Practice using Positive Words with other People 

Basically, if you are used to negativity with other people, it’s certain that you are negative with yourself. 

Try to have positive relations with others and this will definitely improve you positively. Research shows that what comes out of one’s mouth is a reflection of that person’s mind.  

Therefore, in order to be positive with others u have to train your mind to think positively and this in turn improves your positive attitude. 

For instance, when you wake up in the morning and start your day with a negative mood, speaking negativity to your friends or workmates, how does the day end??  You find that your day is full of stress and you achieve less, right?  

How about if you start your day with a smile on the face and talk positively with your colleagues?  

Your day is full of joy and achieve more. 

It’s therefore up to you to choose between positivity and negativity. 

2.         Believe in a Greater Purpose 

Having faith in a greater existence or a greater power helps you boost your positive self-talk.  There is evidence from research showing that people with a religious background and who believe in a higher power tend to have positive attitude and high self-esteem. 

Take Christianity for example, we believe in God and for that reason we find a purpose in life.  Muslims as well believe in Allah (God) and this creates a feeling of self-confidence.  

Basically any religion encourages self-worthiness which creates a positive attitude. 

3.         Associate yourself with Positive minded People 

This means that you should “cut-off” all negativity or negative people in your life.  

Ask yourself do your friends encourage you to be great, to follow your dreams and never give up?  If not, then they are not worth your time.  Therefore choose wisely the people you associate yourself with, always go for the positive side. 

Negative people will lower your positivity and replace it with stress, lead to lack of belief in your capabilities, and this will drive you further from your success. 

4.         Appreciate what you have 

It’s amazing how being grateful can boost your positive self-talk.  Finding things to appreciate in your life gives you a reason to put more effort and the energy to never give up even when the going gets tough. 

Avoid having reasons to always complain even about small matters because this will create a negative attitude which creates negative self-talk.  

5.         Be Open to Humor 

Humor is a powerful tool that helps one relief stress and feel relaxed. 

As they say “laughter is the best medicine”. During tough times, laughter has a positive impact on your thoughts and behavior.  Its helps you forget the challenges thus creating room for success. 

6.         Leave the Past focus on the Future (Positive Focus)

In many cases, people fail to leave the past behind and this drastically affects their future success in a negative way.  

What you need to know is that everyone has in one way or another had a bad experience in the past.  Therefore, never think that you are alone and that bad things happen to you, no… stop being hard on yourself and let the past be the past. 

For instance if you lost a friend or a person who had a very positive impact in your life, don’t let that be the end of you.  Think positive thoughts about the future,  focus on being a success and despite the person not being there to witness you succeed,  he or she would be proud of you.  It’s allowed to remember people you lost but let their memories be your encouragement, be your support and that inner voice telling you to make them proud.  

So instead of losing hope in life, get the courage to focus on the future. This is what positive self-talk is all about.  

7.         Never fear Failure 

It’s good to have a mind that is set for any uncertainties.  This means that you expect to fail in some ways in life, I mean not everything you try will be a success. 

However this doesn’t mean that you should not try something, even the most difficult things. Always remember that you can learn from failing and make it even better than you started. Just because others failed, don’t conclude that you fail too, no! Everyone has their unique chances of success.  

Again it all comes down to positivity and self-confidence. 

8.         Replacing Negativity with Positive Thoughts 

We all have negative thoughts, it’s part of life and it’s impossible to always have positive thoughts. 

But, one can learn to overshadow the negativity with positive thinking. 

Someone may feel that this is not possible, well it’s very much possible. For example think of a situation where you always tell yourself that you are underweight then you get a nutritionist who recommends you a healthy diet, you can focus on maintaining that diet rather than the fact that you are underweight. 

The positive mindset will help you improve your health since you will not be stressed, and with time your will surpass your expectations.  

In short stop feeding your brain with negative thoughts and the “can’t, not able and unable attitude”

Remain positive when negative thoughts come, this will encourage you to remain focused on success. 

9.         Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle 

This involves physical therapy, where you need to be physically active.  

Research show that exercise helps maintain a healthy brain. Actually, physical therapy helps reduce stress, avoid anxiety, and improve creativity. 

With a healthy mind, you are able to practice positive thinking and positive self-talk. 

Similarly, exercise helps improve your body health thus creating confidence that motivates you in life. 

10.       Make Success Plans and Set Achievable/ Realistic Goals

Remember the saying that “failure to plan is planning to fail?”

Well if you don’t, let me make it simple for you to see the truth in that statement.  If you have no goals or no strategies to achieve those goals, what will you be aiming at? 

You need to have an end game, a reason to push on.  Therefore, have a positive mind to achieve it. 

Basically, when you have clear set goals, this encourages positive self-talk since you will always try to find ways to drive you towards your success. This helps you maintain positive attitude and self-confidence.  

Bottom Line 

To succeed you need a sober mind which means you are not distracted by stress or self-doubt.  Always find ways to remain positive and practice positive self-talk to ensure you reach your goals.  

Be positive; achieve greatness! 

Read this for more on positive thinking; https://aginternetclinic.com/positivity-the-amazing-power-of-positive-thinking/


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