Learning is progressive, and thus, this article presents must-have skills for 2021 and the future. Therefore for 2021 and the future consider the disruptive technologies and its implications on the various professions. Yes, seek to settle for nothing less than skills with equivalent forces to the incoming financial needs and obligations. More so, the best skills in 2021 and the future encourages flexibility and professional development. It’s not time to dilly dally in that employment circle waiting to become irrelevant. Hence, it’s now time to take up your helmet of skills and run to the future.

Perhaps, you’re now confused wondering the fate of that certificate that took 10 years. No, don’t get confused. The course is essential as the foundation is to a story building. Sit back, self evaluate and consider what skills from the certificate can help in redefining the future depending on the guidelines below.

Too late to decide on new must-have skills for 2021 and the future?

It’s not too late to decide on learning these new skills. Some are very easy, and at the blink of an eye, you get to new levels. Age and lack of resources are not hindrances since the internet is making everything accessible in the bedroom’s comfort. Yes, it’s possible to learn new skills seated in the house and use the knowledge to generate income. The artificial intelligence, machine language and internet will definitely displace a passive getter. Yes, very soon, some people will be rendered redundant because even some medical procedures will take place in the patient premises. So what else are you waiting for?

Must-have Skills for 2021 and the future 1: Business Management

Business management is the most inherent courses that people underestimate. Yes, inherent means that a significant is born with the capability to self management. Be it the household or the kiosk, already you’re a business manager. Now, the dynamism of the future means more self employment. Why? It’s because internet of things and technology will render most redundant but open massive avenues for self employment. So business management is combination of skills that help in planning, analyzing and organizing different operations within an enterprise. Remember, these capabilities are transferable and very flexible.

Must-have skills 2: Self care

Surprising, right? 2021 and the future requires special self-care skills. It’s okay to ask why is this important. Yes, it’s imperative to learn how to take care of issues such as childbirth, first aid and treating non-complicated illnesses. Before, you start refuting the need, jumpstart the mind back to January 2020. Who could have thought of COVID19? It has been a painful moment for everyone, and that’s why learning self-care comes in handy.

Selfcare is about protecting your loved ones through proactive evacuation, treatment and care. Ideally, global warming is a growing issue of concern and an indication that the world will face more calamities and dangerous illness, Shun the conspiracy theories surrounding coronavirus and take the initiative to learn on selfcare.

Remember, self-care branches to consuming a balanced diet and turning to more sustainable ways of living. So how is self-care must-have skills? It’s because the human need to be self-sufficient. It’s now time to become more independent. Please take advantage of this knowledge and learn essential skills for self-care since it’s also possible to create employment.

Must-have skills : Accounting

Accounting is among the topmost marketable skills in business setup. As discussed earlier, self employment will become the norm and thus accounting knowledge comes in handy. Remember, accounting equips the learner with special skills such as banking, international finance, investments, and financial statement analysis. The flexibility of the accounting skills is ideal in the offline and online working environment and thus a skill to possess for 2021 and the future.

Must-have skills: IT

Information technology (IT) is a must-have skill for 2021 and the future. Remember, technology is taking over the world, and every aspect of human life will convert at the command of the codeless system. Therefore, equipping yourself with IT skills is like wearing a bulletproof for a veteran soldier. The potential of IT course is immeasurable, and thus, the only way out is to have it.


The must-have skills outlined above are the way forward to conquering the eventuality of 2021 and above. Remember, technology is turning humans to machines and objects. Without IT skills is impossible for any human to stand against the test of time. Most people have a problem handling their smartphones and technological gadgets. This problem is likely to escalate as technology becomes the norm.

Again, the coronavirus has taught the world on the importance of self-care. Imagine those patients that had to seek their way out to recovery. Those people with the terminal illness that lacked space in the hospital. Then self-care is a must-have since as technology increases so does viruses and bacteria. Again, business is likely to become individualistic. As companies become automated, humans will perform contracted roles requiring advanced business management and accounting skills.

Some of the must-have skills are available on online platforms such as Udemy and Coursera. It takes about three months to years to complete a course, depending on the program’s length and level.

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