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Have you ever felt that you are drained? Or you lack the energy to move on? Yes, this is all about demotivation. Let’s learn what motivation is and how to motivate ourselves to cope with life.

So What is Motivation?

Motivation is an inner desire that makes a person move towards achieving a goal. It’s a power that drives one into a specific action. Motivation can also be defined as a biological, social, or psychological state that fuels an individual to perform and continue with a step based on his/her wants. Therefore, motivation is that force that pushes us to act towards achieving a particular goal.

A student tries to study hard because he wants to achieve high scores in his/her exams, so the aim of the performance is motivation to the student. Similarly, a guy is trying, by all means, to get a job to earn a good living – so the aim of making money motivates him while striving to get a good job 

Every action taken has a goal and these goals’ rewards or punishment serve as motivation for engaging in an action

When we want to get some good outcome or good results, we need motivation and ability. Motivation makes things happen. There are times we wake up feeling enthusiastic and ready to start up, and other times we feel like things are getting hard, and we lack that inner drive.

Intrinsic motivation is when you have an internal desire to do something for personal enjoyment. This rises from within an individual because it naturally satisfies you. People who have intrinsically motivation do an act without any severe external rewards. They enjoy an activity or see it as an opportunity to explore, learn and actualize their potentials.

Our actions are based on motivation i.e. if you are reading this article, it’s because you have an interest in it and want to know more about that inner drive and how to sustain it. 

How do You Feel Motivated?

When last did you do something because you wanted to enjoy it? Several activities fall in this category of motivations.e.planting a garden, painting, playing a game, writing a story etc. They may not produce a reward in any way, but we do them because they make us happy. In short, they are Hobbies!

To others, motivation is by doing something because they want to earn a reward or avoid punishment. Being extrinsically motivated means being externally pushed to do a thing because you want to receive a prize or you are avoiding a less-than-positive outcome.

The effects of extrinsic motivation depend on how much effort we put in our activities. This might be more effective for some people than it is for others. The reward in this type of motivation can either be tangible or psychological. 

Money and trophies are two common types of tangible rewards, i.e. athletes often engage in strenuous and demanding training sessions to be able to compete in sporting events to win prizes and awards. A child may do house chores to get psychological praises from her parents.

How do you Stay Motivated?

Are you struggling with low self-esteem or lacking motivation? Here are a few ways or habits that will keep you motivated:

1)      Just Start that Motivation will catch up with you!

If you want to work consistently every day, then you don’t have to wait for motivation, you need to get going. After working for a while, things become more comfortable every day and more fun. By so doing, motivation catches up with you.

2)      Take Action

Action will always come before motivation all you need is to start doing an activity, and then you will find flow. Pablo Picasso once said that “action is the foundational key to all success”. It doesn’t matter how experienced we are all we need is to help, which is within ourselves to keep ourselves going. Let’s call it self-motivation. 

3)      Link it to Good Feeling

Have you ever started your day saying you feel good today, or I’m so motivated today? Motivation comes with this sensation of feeling good. Sometimes when we are down or have negative emotions, our motivation also goes down.

Always find a way to connect things to good feelings. For example, notice that song that makes you feel good when doing something you don’t like to do. This makes you feel good and overshadows the pain of the task.

4)      Impress yourself First

There is a growing trend in our culture of impressing other people, and we end up losing aspiration of influencing ourselves. It would be best if you lived like people who write movies or book do, they always motivate themselves by impressing themselves first without depending on other setting their bar.

5)      Get Motivation from People in your Life

Have or spend no time with people who are toxic or will always see the dark side of things and replace this with motivated people. People who are enthusiastic and allow their energy flow over you. Family, friends or even a counselor can help us with useful strategies when we find ourselves struggling with getting motivated.

6)      Choose to

If you tell yourself, you must, or you should and give yourself a deadline you weaken your motivation. Choose is exactly the motivating word or language you need to hear. Choose your words carefully and let them work for you. “Stick to what you say, if you don’t, then your words won’t+ mean anything”. 

7)      Change your question

If you change your focus and can question positively, you can quickly get motivated to gear on for example, what are the reasons why you want to achieve a specific goal? The steps you need to move closer to that goal. Question will help you increase motivation.     

In Conclusion

So try to develop a self-motivation, or you can say find a reason to get something why you need it. How important it is, I mean strong reason and start believing and working on that if you reason beliefs are strong enough so no one can demotivate you.

Enjoy your life, and never give up. Don’t be afraid of failure. It’s through a fault that you learn to perform better tomorrow. 

That is, you will not repeat the same mistake you did. Stay motivated focus on the “price”, not the challenges you have to pass through to get it.

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