homeschooling for preschool kids

Preschool Homeschooling

Homeschooling a preschooler is very mind tasking. At the same time, the joy of every parent is to watch their children grow in wisdom and stature.

However, a parent’s greatest worry is taking their preschooler to kindergarten.

Why is homeschooling becoming more preferable

Yea, homeschooling serves as an escapist. Many parents fear exposing children to dangers and vices at school. Thus, several parents spend quality time inquiring about their children’s first experience at school. As a result, any contrary remark positions the child for homeschooling.

Again, homeschooling is becoming the ultimate option during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

What is homeschooling for preschoolers

Ontario Ministry of Education argue that homeschooling is the parent’s intent to educate their children at home.

Ideally, homeschooling is an agreement between the parents and the school.

Next is preparing preschooler for homeschooling

Preschool children can be extra playful. Remember, homeschooling is a new experience. Hence, they need time to transition.

First, you need to gather patient. Second, remember the child is innocent. They probably do not understand your intent for homeschooling.

Therefore, Do not overshare homeschooling information

Parents, it is advisable not to over-prepare. CDC considers the first eight years as very crucial for brain development. It’s a stage where your child processes information faster towards establishing foundations for the rest of their lives.

So, oversharing information will overwhelm your child. Instead, the child may disregard the whole idea of homeschooling.

Guideline to right homeschooling environment

  • Peaceful environment. It is essential to shun your home away from domestic violence.
  • Also, the right environment offers protection to children. Therefore, install technologies that monitor children’s activities. Thus, any signs of sexual advances or physical violence are recorded and tackled.
  • The right schooling environment must have general security safety. Children at schools have some degree of security against community attacks and terrorism activities. Consequently, home security must be tight.
  • We are fond of catastrophes in our different localities. For example, the NBI Book Shelf expounds much on natural disasters. The journal article is specific in that natural disasters are random. Thus, it is impossible to predict geological hazards such as volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. Nevertheless,  people living in areas frequently hit by tropical storms and seasonal floods can easily experience typhoons, hurricanes, and cyclones. Therefore, install the necessary precautions against possible catastrophes witnessed in your locality.
  • Preschoolers are quite active. It is impossible to predict what your child is doing is the next minute. That is why houses and compound proofs are ideal against accidents.
  • For more information, check the U.S Department of Health&Human Services guide about the ideal homeschooling environment.

Next, preparing parents for homeschooling

Parents are always busy searching for livelihood. The daily hassles and bustles are very exhausting. Thus, it is more tiring and engaging to prepare the homeschooling mood and environment.

Well, the right preparations start with gathering information. You can use Google search about the current schooling homeschooling programs.  Remember to collect your passion, resources, and temperaments for your child.

Next, reach out to the school and register your child. Be ready to offer private information so as to register the child at the homeschooling program.

In other words, their full names as per birth certificate, addresses, and immediate contacts. It is essential to take as much time as possible. Making fast decisions may not be a direct problem solver. In contrast, careful parents’ masters, even insignificant details.

Any ideas about the homeschooling options?

A first-time parent may be blank about homeschooling. Thus, it is advisable to conduct extensive research. Search for more information about the institutions that offer homeschooling in your community.

Yes, it is crucial to do a thorough background check. Understand school performances. What is their fee structure? Then, contact the representatives for the homeschooling program for further information.

Also, join the independent parents association present in your locality.  For homeschooling in Florida, you can visit the Florida Department of Education. The site is providing home education contacts and details about an independent parent association.

Note, the best school for homeschooling is on your ministry of Education website.

Next, investigates the homeschooling requirements

By extension, academic institution monitors the homeschooling.  Thus, every institution has a unique set of rules concerning homeschooling. Mind you. Institutions have a set of constitutions that dictate their operations.

Therefore, before selecting the best program. It is advisable to understand and appreciate the services offered by the institution. Notice, a thorough background must couple with reviews. As a result, it is possible to accept or reject the plan. For instance, parents in New York homeschooling conduct standardized tests. Also, they submit quarterly reports while maintaining the attendance report.

 Also, join the homeschooling social media sites

Linking with other parents can be useful for a homeschooling beginner. Through social media, the interactions are possible to source firsthand information. Remember,  Information is power. Join social media sites pages about homeschooling in the locality and abroad.

Remember, such groups are essential for performing a background check at potential schools. Also, the groups offer exposure of your child to peers with common goals. Again, it is possible to conduct team events that work for the growth and the development of the children. Further, it is possible to quickly compare the progress and impact of homeschooling to the child.

Order a preschool homeschooling curriculum

A homeschooling curriculum is essential. You might be confused about the amount of knowledge your child should be absorbing. What you have to is order a preschool curriculum. Discuss with your registered school and allow your kid to follow a similar workload.

Now, establish a schedule for the homeschooling

In the beginning, a parent may need to use a home learning schedule. Yes, your plan must contain the vision, mission, and goals for the child and family at large.  Also, the program must be mindful of the children’s playtime but at least conform to the school requirements.


Homeschooling must align with the family goal. Therefore, do not make decisions that may overwhelm you. Also, avoid straining the family. Second, no human being is perfect. You are the author of your life, and every day is a blank page.

Thus, raise your child as per the understanding of what is right for her/him. Again, let us build a generation that stands to the same norms our parents taught us. Notice, it is not a time to sit back and blame the Covid19 pandemic for your problems.

In case you’re not sure of what direction to take in life due to Covid19 disruption. Find this article It will serve a great resource to refocus.

Also, check for dietary advice to build your child immunity at

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