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Don’t be Silenced, Move like a Wave!!

Life is a journey. Today you are up. Tomorrow something is crushing you down. Do not be silenced. Certainly, do not wander. Again, hold your treasures in your bosom. Your silencers are chasing your destiny. Hence, refuse to be silenced.

You have the power

Know that you have the key to your destiny. Real, the power of success is in your mouth. You may not see your silencers. That’s why I’m giving you these insights. I challenge you to understand the path and identify your silencers. Okay, do not be silenced.

Every morning we welcome a new chapter in our lives. Yes, in a spin of 24 hours, you can own or demolish your dream home. I mean, the power is in you. You’re the author of your destiny. It is not time to be silenced.

These are the famous silencers in your life.

Yes, I call them famous silencers. Through their influence, you lose interest in life. The same silencers waste your energy and eat your peace. Remember, most of these silencers come uninvited. Instead, they have mastered the entry point. They are probably calling their relatives. Indeed, the moment they establish a host in your body. They will invite their friends and relative. Remember, the greener the pasture the sweeter the juice.

Number 1 Silencer: Fear

Yeah, fear is your number one silencer. Know that nobody needs your silence. But fear demands your silence. For example, it is fear that makes children not to confess their mistakes to their parents. This depends on how you, as a parent, handle the errors. Children will always develop fear if you overreact to their mistakes. Heed, it is not you that silences the child, but the fear of the aggressive actions to their mistakes.

Ways that fear silences you

Fear is a sharp weapon. It has the power to silence the rulers and the kings. In the Christian faith, fear is a weapon of evil. For evil to triumph, fear must play the part. Deuteronomy 31:8 the bible cautions Christians that God will never leave them nor forsake them.  While Romans 8:28, the scripture encourages Christians to partake in all things through the help of Christ that strengthens their faith.

There is an indication that fear is spiritual. It is born in within yourself. In the book of Koran, Al Baqarah, 2:155/156 teaches on the importance of trusting in Allah for Muslims. The verse is specific that fear brings tests that may hinder your patient and good tidings.

Sources of fear

Fear is a robust human silencer. Practically, some individuals fear heights. Others fear darkness or flying. A significant number are afraid of reptiles and rodents. Importantly, we fear the loss of life, property, money, or relationships.

Fear emanates within your’ groins.’ Yes, you probably faced situations in life that threaten your next move. Some people cannot decide without quoting its negative aspect. For instance, you advise your child to eat an apple and, at the same time, ask them to take precautions for their teeth. That action instils fear. You probably are finding sources of doubt in your life.

Again, we master fear. For example, some people are used to link some events to certain happenings.  Some call them superstitions. Yes, remember those superstitions about waking up with the wrong leg.  Seriously, how has to have a lousy day resonates with waking up in the morning. All the negative energy encourages you to remain silent. Do not be silenced.

The body aspect of fear

According to NCBI, fear is a body response to threatening stimuli. You are fearful because of experience. BBC argues that the brain control system contains receptors. Their work is to detect the external environment known as stimuli.  Then, the brain coordination system processes information in response to stimuli. Your body has the effectors. These are the glands and muscles that react to processed information. As a result, you may feel cold chills, high temperatures, or heart palpitations.  

Number 2 Silencer: Attitude

Attitude is the number two silencer of your life. Undoubtedly, your mindset influences your way of thinking. Therefore, how you reason and feel towards something dictates your approach. A positive attitude is a recipe for positive energy. In contrast, the negative attitude breeds negative energy. As a result, an individual becomes silent.

Factors affecting your attitude

Attitude is a number 2 silencer in your life.

Silenced by attitude gained from social factors-

The society you live in could be the reason for your silence. Maybe you have gone through personal struggles to build relationships. As a result, the process has created a negative attitude in you. Perhaps you have a negative attitude towards men because you went through an abusive childhood?  Do not be silenced. The negative things they said about you are not valid. You are great and born to shine.

Silenced by attitude gained from religion

We all go through a system of religion in our lives. Well, most follow the parent’s religion until adulthood. Others follow their parents’ religion as an integral part of living. Now, religions have things that create fear in you. Mind you, and the religious aspect is very tricky. We cannot unfold the doubt unless you want to step out of it.

Silenced by the attitude from education

Education is essential in life. Well, most aspects of our lives are educating us on how to live or respond to situations. Also, we go through a system of learning. In that course, we select subjects that may have silenced us. Maybe it is your performance in that essay. The lecturer’s negative comments built a wrong attitude in your life. Their peers silence others. Perhaps your friend performed better in mathematics and called you a loser. Do not be silenced. We are gifted differently, and you are born to shine.

Silenced by physical factors

Physical factors silence most of us. Well, sometimes people feel their image is not good enough. Maybe you were born with disabilities. Well, perhaps your health is not good. You’re probably suffering from a chronic illness. Also, you went through a painful accident and lost your limbs or sight. There is hope. A cut tree must sprout in season. Remember, never to understand your worth. Build a positive attitude. Do not be silenced.

Silenced by your occupations

Your occupation plays a significant role in shaping your attitude. Well, the performances, commendations, and appreciation at work are critical to uplifting your self-esteem. However, you may be going through the abuse at your workplace. Some people are going through sexual abuse. Maybe you’re trading your body in exchange for that position. Do not be silenced. You can do better than that job. Follow my blog at The article contains insights on refocusing or finding your passion. Remember, your love is the doorway to breakthrough. Do not be silenced.

Silenced by economic factors

The economy is not looking good at the moment. You’re probably worried about tomorrow. Maybe that worry has built an attitude that silences you. Know that you do not provide for yourself. There is a superior being that provides. Look at the birds of the air and the animals in the jungle. They eat and drink, and yet they do not work so hard. Again I tell you, do not be silenced. Trust in me tomorrow will be better than today. Focus on and understand how to be motivated.

Signs of a person living in silence

  • You like to be appreciated
  • You have an excessive fear of the unknown
  • You are a complainer
  • You are pessimists
  • Strange circumstances ultimately limit you
  • You enjoy secrecy
  • You have underachieved in most projects

How to avoid the number 1&2 Silencers

-First, have faith in yourself. Refute the negative remarks they said about your body. Well, shun from the negative energy at start rebuilding to someone higher.

-Second, overcome your limitations. The human being is limitless. Well, follow the story of mark-Zuckerberg and appreciate how his past failures shaped his presence.

-Third, love your critics- yes, strive to enjoy your critics. Use the information to build on yourself. Use your critics as your reviewers.

-Forth, embrace change- refuse to be silenced. Move out of this cocoon and expand.  Accept the new pathway to a better self.

-Fifth- love- yes, purpose to self-love and extends appreciation to others. Build another person and make the world better.

Importance Notice

Watch out for my next most inspiring article.


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  1. I like the biblical inputs in the article. Faith replaces fear which is an evil spirit. LOVE is the most powerful thing. God is love.
    Keep writing. God bless you AG.

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