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Systematic review on blockchain technology for malware detection.


Systematic Review of Blockchain for Malware Detection 1.0 Introduction  Blockchain is a cryptographic-based ledger distributed over the internet to enable transactions among the untrusted and the trusted participants (Taylor et al., 2019).  The technology was developed in 2008 and created major inventions such as Hyperledger and Ethereum fabric (Taylor et al., 2019). It is an […]

Toyota Camry for Sale in Kenya – Price, Reviews, Features, and More

Meta Description: Find Reliable, Researched, and Accurate Information about Toyota Camry for Sale in Kenya- Get Informed about Its Pricing, Features, Specifications, and Reviews from Other Users.  Toyota Camry Price in Kenya – Review, Features, and More  Talk of impressive rides, Toyota Camry, currently for sale in Kenya, has this wish fulfilled.  The car has […]

Virtual Reality: The Hidden Truth

Description: Virtual reality seems like current technology, but the truth is that the concept originated 86 years ago through a fiction science book by Stanley Weinbaum. Interestingly, the technology is older than many people reading through the article. Hop in and let us rediscover the hidden truth of virtual reality. In a nutshell, virtual reality […]

Why Keto Diet Is The Way To Go For Generation Z

If you’re new to the keto diet, then this article will answer all the curiosity. First, the keto diet means consuming no carbs, minimized proteins, and more fats. Perhaps, you’re getting confused and wondering how an individual can survive on fats. Shed off that negative energy since studies has it that consuming fats can help […]
Systematic review on blockchain technology for malware detection.

The Beauty of Shaking Grounds

There are cries in the North, and the South is wailing. A multitude is seeking refuge while thousands are contemplating suicide. The life of innocent toddlers is empting to the pit, and thousands of mothers are drowning to depression. Governments are sinking. Fathers are going bonkers.  The tranquility is destroyed, and the world is resting […]
Systematic review on blockchain technology for malware detection.

Homeschooling Tips for Single Dads

Homeschooling is a new concept for many parents. More so for Dave, a single father of two daughters and one son.  It was a sad night for Dave as he sank into deep thoughts. Being a single dad was already overwhelming. Now getting the kids into homeschooling programs was invincible. There are so many single […]
Systematic review on blockchain technology for malware detection.

H pylori (Helicobacter pylori)

H pylori (Helicobacter pylori) are bacteria that invade your stomach. Remember, your stomach is a vital organ for processing food and absorption. Well, the abdomen contains healthy bacteria for food processing. But, H pylori (Helicobacter pylori) are unhealthy bacteria. It works by killing the healthy bacteria that protect the stomach lining. H pylori may live […]
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